Catski Caucasus

7 Nights, 5-6 Ski Days, Dec. 2018 – Mar. 2019


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Our Snowcat (with the old cabin) in the mountains of Bakhmaro, February 2017. ©

Bakhmaro is one of the high-altitude tourist resorts in Georgia at around 1,900 meters. Many families from the surrounding area have a hut here and spend some time in the summer in the high valley. There is even a hotel (without heating) and a small number of guesthouses. In winter, Bakhmaro is uninhabited and it used to be not accessible.


Because of its snow reliability, Bakhmaro was already planned for an expansion as a ski resort in Soviet times. In 2007, a feasibility study was prepared by an Austrian consulting company, which emphasized the potential of the place. In spring of 2016, Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili again announced the expansion of Bakhmaro into a year-round resort. Currently, a master plan is being developed. However, nobody realised the freride potential of this place until we came.


We have been the pioneers in Bakhmaro, the first who spend there a winter and the people who scouted and developed all tracks. Nobody knows the area as we do. We are offering catskiing in Bakhmaro since 2016. We experience this place before the rush of tourists is destroying it. It’s a unique experience.


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Above "Powder MILF", followed by an unforgettable run in the evening sun, Feb. 2017. ©

In February 2016, we used a tractor to reach Bakhmaro from Chkhakoura. We were accompanied on our scouting tour by the local chairman, a translator and an armed guard. The ride in deep snow lasted almost the whole day. With our Pistenbully BP300W Polar, we still needed about an hour to reach the remote location.


The SnowCats have heated passenger cabins with 12 seats. The small number of freeriders will shorten waiting times and lead to more downhill runs. After all, a SnowCat can only set off once everyone has arrived at the meeting point. Short ascents with skins or on foot may be needed to reach certain lines that a SnowCat cannot get to.


With the SnowCat, we are very flexible - we have to be. The high amount of snow in Bakhmaro inevitably means many days of snowfall, and we want to keep the number of down days as low as possible. Nonetheless, there will be days when a safe operation cannot be guaranteed.


Pillo-Hut, Bakhmaro
Pillow-hut in Bakhmaro, February 2017. ©

We will not rent the two wooden houses from the pioneer season. The problems with water, heat and electricity were just too large.


For the 2017/2018 we have found a better solution that still offers the comfort and simplicity of the cottages, but at the same time is warm and dry. Since the accommodation was decided only shortly before the winter, we call this our Blind Bird Season.


We offer full board with an extensive breakfast, a simple lunch snack and a Georgian dinner. Due to the remote location in the mountains of the Lesser Caucasus, the supply of fresh goods is only partly possible.


For breakfast, there is, next to the obligatory khachapuri, "small chicken" - eggs as omelette or fried eggs, freshly baked bread and honey from local beekeepers. At lunchtime, there will be a simple takeaway snack to maximize ski time during the day. In the evening, Georgian cooking at its best. And, of course, we are looking forward to our BBQ in the snow ...


  • Saturday or Sunday:
    Pick up at the airport Kutaisi (KUT) & transfer to Bakhmaro.
  • Day 1: Brunch, safety instructions, catskiing in the mountains around Bakhmaro.
  • Days 2-6: Catskiing.
  • Departure Day: Transfer to the airport (depending on the situation, the transfer will be carried out the evening before and an overnight will be near the airport).
  • Departure Kutaisi (KUT).


December 2018 - March 2019

Itinerary Caucasus 2018/19
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  • Pick up at Kutaisi airport and Transfer to Bakhmaro and back.
  • 5-7 nights in a simple mountain lodge in Bakhmaro.
  • Full Board: rich breakfast, packed lunch and Georgian dinner in Bakhmaro.
  • Depending on the situation, up to 2 nights near the airport (arrival & departure).
  • 5-6 days catskiing.
  • Local ski guide (English) 
  • English speaking contact person with local knowledge.

Packing-list and information prior to arrival
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5 reason to ride with us

  • Reliability - high levels of snowfall, especially at the beginning of the season.
  • Professionalism - German / Swiss organization, quality and safety management, BackUp Snowcat.
  • Experience - a new freeride location in a remote location in the Caucasus.
  • Ease - no visa required, good flight connections with direct flights from London, Milano, Barcelona and other cities.
  • Possibilities - the perfect place for the best photo & video shots, whether with action cam or selfie drone.