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Most of the time I am in Georgia and a phone call on the Swiss number is not possible.


We try to compile homogeneous groups. Please help us by defining your own main interest and riding ability and be honest. Don’t overestimate your ability, especially if you have limited freeriding experience. To ride safe in a remote area like the Lesser Caucasus, riders need advanced skills to ride all kinds of snow (including crust and wet snow). They need to have the strength to hike out of river beds or dig themself out of deep snow, and they need the confidence to ride the occasional fast or steep slopes.


For the season 2024/2025 we have defined 4 types of riders to compile groups as similarly as possible:


Feb. 2021. ©Phillipp Herfort
Feb. 2021. ©Phillipp Herfort

Sporty riders who want a lot of riding and little waiting - let's say expert level.


Feb. 2021. ©Phillipp Herfort
Feb. 2021. ©Phillipp Herfort

Freeriders who ride confidently in any terrain but who also value the Caucasus experience - advanced.


Feb. 2021. ©Phillipp Herfort
Feb. 2021. ©Phillipp Herfort

Riders who do not yet have extensive knowledge of snow safety, but who confidently master different snow conditions - intermediate.


Feb. 2021. ©Phillipp Herfort
Feb. 2021. ©Phillipp Herfort

Riders who always carry skins in their backpack - hiking up to 500 meters in altitude are no problem.

The riders who book first define the groups focus. Later booking need to match the groups focus.