Amiran is our driver in Adjara. When we started to rebuild the hut, he already delivered wood and helped us with local knowledge. As professional construction vehicle driver, he was our first choice to become our snowcat driver.


Trained in the winter of 2019/2020 by Aslan, Amiran knows the mountains around our hut as he has got his own alp hut in the same alp village.


He lives with his family in Naghvarevi, Adjara. In his particular situation that means 5 generations under one roof!


Bachuk is our snowmobile driver in our new base. He joined our team in Adjara to reinforce our man power in all technical issues around the snowmobiles but also to look after our water supply, firewood and electricity.


In an emergency he would be able to bring help to the group or he picks up tired group members with one of our snowmobiles. Bachuk is always helpful and courteous. He started learning English in order to improve communication with freeriders.


Bachuk is the youngest member of our team and lives in Chkhakoura.


Kristi organizes everything around the project. She coordinates the transfers, does some part of the accounting and is responsible for the procurement and preparation of the seaon. She is also very important for translating all important communication with the team and authorities. Kristi is employed all year round.


Before she started working with us, she had studied medicine in Tbilisi and worked in different jobs in tourism, like at the Rooms Hotel in Kazbegi.


Kristi is from Chokhatauri, allthough she lived in Tbilisi for years.


Manana organizes the kitchen in our Alp Hut. She prepares breakfast, prepares lunchboxes and cooks dinner. Manana started working in 2018 when we had an additional house in Bakhmaro for one week..


Manana is Nazis sister (housekeeper in Bakhmaro) and lives in Chkhakoura.

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