Catski & Tour

7 Nights, 5-6 Ski Days, December 2024 & March 2025


Ski-Tour, powderproject, Lesser Caucasus
During the ski-tours we pass small in the winter abandoned alp villages.

Our new alp hut in Adjara is a nice base for ski-touring into the surrounding mountains. The remote location provides a great backcountry atmosphere.


The mountains around the hut rise up to 2'755 meters (Sarkornia) and offer great ski-touring into April. The closest mountain is Wolfsbed with 2'614 meters.


As our base is already at 2'400 meters and the skiable slopes are going down to around 2'000 meters, the vertical drop is limited. However, with decents into the neighbouring valleys very interesting tours are opening up.  The round-tours have 2 or 3 hikes and allow 1'500 and more vertical meters as well.


PB300W Polar, Snowcat, Catskiing, Helden der Nacht, Catski Adjara
Our PB300W Polar on a scouting day in the alp-village in Adjara Feb. 2019.

The hut is located within the mountains so that the groups can start the tours directly from the house.


However, it is also possible to go by snowcat to reach an interesting starting point or the cat-drivers can pick-up the group on a more remote location after the tour. This way the group can increase the range of their tours significantly.


Depending on the snow and weather conditions, the group can also use the cat for catskiing in the morning and go for a half-day tour in the afternoon. On powderdays it is possible to book extra catski-days to enjoy more runs in fresh powder.

Also the snowcats provide additional safety for the groups as a pick-up is possible when the weather changes, somebody got injured or tired.


The alpine hut is very remote and is exposed at 2,400 meters. It is our own hut and thus also reflects our own philosophy.

The surrounding runs have big mountain potential but the next treeruns are far away. So it is definitely a fair weather destination. There can always be a downday in a snowstorm.

During our cat-supported touring weeks, the focus is on the tours. The snowcat is available for individual trips and full catski days are also possible for a surcharge.

The logistics are difficult and time consuming. It takes a bit of adventure and serenity to stay in our alpine hut.


Freeride, Catski, March Powder
Untracked fresh powder in March, 2019.

March is considered a good powder month in Georgia. There is still a lot of snowfall and sometimes it can be very intense. However, when the sun comes out, it can get warm quickly.


Our remote hut in the mountains of Adjara offers snow until May. Very often the summer road is not opened before end of June. However, our access (for the transfer and the  supply of fresh food) over the mountains is depending on snowcover for the entire track. This is limiting our season to March.

In Adjara, we have many northern slopes that are protected from the sun and preserve good snow quality quite a while. With Sakornia (2'755m) we have slopes high up in the mountains that are accessible by snowcat. So, promising powder runs are still possible in March, as in the picture above from 04/03/2019.


  • Saturday: Pick up at the airport in Kutaisi & transfer to Bakhmaro and then to the new hut in Adjara.
  • Sunday: safety-meeting, snowcat supported ski-touring in the mountains around the hut.
  • Monday to Friday: Catskiing or ski-touring according to weather and snow conditions.
  • Saturday: departure - transfer to Kutaisi (KUT)


December 2024 & March 2025

Itinerary Cat&Tour
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  • Pick up at Kutaisi airport and Transfer to Adjara and back.
  • 7 nights in a simple mountain lodge in Adjara.
  • Full Board: rich breakfast, packed lunch and Georgian dinner.
  • 6 days snowcat supported ski-touring according to weather conditions.
  • Experienced English speaking guide.
  • English speaking contact person with local knowledge.
  • Safety Back-Up

Packing-list and information prior to arrival
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