Season End


The warm temperatures have resulted in an early end to the season. Three days before our regular end of the season, we brought the last group to Kutaisi and added a short sightseeing program there. The snow quality simply didn't allow for freeriding anymore.

Overall, it was a strenuous winter with sometimes extreme weather changes. It was too dry or too warm. There was more than 5 meters of fresh snow within 10 days and massive avalanches. We had a storm and practically no wind for three weeks.

Thanks to a good team, we got through these situations well and received a lot of positive feedback.

We would like to thank all freeriders who once again trusted us this winter and hope to see as many as possible again in the coming years...

Happy New Year


We wish everyone a Happy New Year!

We hope for peace, health and contentment in 2023. A safe and accident-free season for all freeriders.

And we look forward to your visit - we have the snow...


The Season has started with a Snowstorm


Yesterday we started the season with a massive snowstorm. The first group is here and we first went up to our alpine hut for a few days.

Great snow and visibility kept getting better. Bluebird starting tomorrow! That's how I imagine the start of the season to be...

First Freeriders arrived in Bakhmaro


The first freeriders of the 2022/23 season arrived at The PIONEERS. Five more will arrive tomorrow. Because of a lack of snow in Bakhmaro we will go with the group to our Alp Hut in Adjara. There is enough snow to start the season.


We keep all booked freeriders up to date about the snow situation with a weekly snow report.

Update: project X


Fresh snow in the Lesser Caucasus and our simple lodge is getting ready...

Firewood is hooked and stored, electricity and lights installed (generator), wood stove is hot and warms the lounge, water is running and wood fire boilers make it warm for a hot shower. The beds are on the roof floor.

5 more weeks...

Update: project X


Our team is working hard on our new project. Now the two huts have got windows and stairs. We also closed the wall of the connecting container. Behind this container are the three bathrooms. The water boilers are in the connecting container, so that is also a warm room to dry clothes and ski boots.

The dining area are basically two rooms where we removed the wall. It is big enough for 1 long table and all freeriders. In a room in the back we will have a small living area for cozy nights.

Update: project X


The progress at our project X is good allthough we received quite some snow.The location is a bit higher than Bakhmaro and as we expect it gets a lot of snow!


The roof of the second cottage is finished. Next steps are the windows in the second cottage and the doors in the first. Next week we can start with the stairs.


Tengo, Geno, Irakli and David are finishing the water supply and are connecting the bathrooms. Next step for them are installing the smoke pipes for the stoves. We will heat these cottages with wood fire.


8 weeks to go...

First Ski-tour


On Saturday I could do the first ski-tour up Phaphara.

The snow base is already 30-40 cm, but below 2'000 meters the snow was quite wet at lunch time. It was was a windy day with clouds. For sure it takes some more snow before we can start the season...

However, it was great to be back on skis and in the mountains. Looking forward to start the season soon...

Update: project X


The wood for the second cottage is on site. In the moment it is snowing but after the weekend we can start to build it up.
In the first cottage we have installed the windows. Next steps are the doors, stairs and a stove for heating. We will do just some basic electricity lines for light and plugs. Thats it. Then furniture and we will be ready...

First Snow


Update: project X


The roof of the first hut is finished. Now only the windows and doors are missing. Each cottage has 3 rooms for freeriders and 1 room for guides. Downstairs in the first cottage we have the kitchen and dining area and in the other cottages there will be the staff quarters. We are currently planning a team of 10 local forces - snow groomer drivers; Snowmobile back-up, fire master, cook crew and housekeeping.

The bathroom container is already in place. The water pipe is underground, so now we have fresh water too. Soon we can start with the second house, which will be on the other side of the bathroom container.

Update: project X


The first wooden house was delivered. Beech trunks serve as the foundation. We will not use concrete and will not do any major groundwork. The houses will be above the ground. In the next few days we will lay the water pipe. We will initially only have electricity from a generator. With the appropriate booking situation, we can also install a solar system. Otherwise we will do it next year.

Our bivouac bus is our base during construction. But some also sleep in tents. It's hard work, but our guys (David - snowcat driver & Mindia snowmobile driver) still seem to have the strength for a wrestling match. In the evening it is campfire time.

We started our new project: project X


We have decided. Here we will set up the two simple wooden cabins where we will spend the winter with some adventurous freeriders.

The exact location is not unimportant. There is a lot to consider - the daily journey to the freeride slopes, safe access even in snowstorms, electricity and water supply, susceptibility to wind and snowdrifts...

We then discussed the transportation of the huts, where we can get water from, where and how the workers can sleep and where we will position the diesel tank and our workshop container.

There is much to do. Time is running out from now on...

Updated Flight Schedule #2


As expected, Wizzair has once again revised the winter flight schedule. There are many changes and some are really good for us. The Memmingen, Warsaw and Dortmund flights are both perfect! The Milan, Paris and the Vienna flight feasible. Only the Berlin and Prague flights require a longer stay in Georgia.

Newsletter Season 2022/23


Newsletter Summer 2022.pdf
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Our current newsletter with some information and the published availability is out. If you would like to receive our newsletter once or twice a year by e-mail, please register - either by message or just write me an e-mail.

Bookings 2nd part of the year


The summer is coming to an end and we are starting to allocate the remaining places. The PIONEERS and our mountain hut in Adjara are both very well booked and there are only a few remaining places.

In the rented house - Bakhmaro Base - there are still places available on some dates. At project X there are still many free places, especially in the second half of the season - but the offer is aimed exclusively at experienced freeriders.

There are also plenty of free spots in Bakhmaro over the New Year period.

For bookings from August 1st we again take our normal deposit of 50%.

Updated Flight Schedule


In preparation of the second booking wave in August/September we have updated the flight schedule on our webpage. For Bakhmaro it is best to fly to Kutaisi. We pick up from the airport. However, it is still possible that airlines change their flight plans.

All statements without guarantee.
All statements without guarantee.

Start of the Hiking Season


Hiking in the Caucasus, Bakhmaro, Guria, Adjara, The PIONEERS
The mountains of Guria and Adjara have hardly been developed for tourism.

The summer season has begun in the Lesser Caucasus. In the higher areas there are still some extensive snowfields, but most of the paths are now accessible.

We offer day hikes and multi-day hikes with a guide. If required, we are also happy to give tips for hikes or organize accommodation or a transfer. Contact us for further information.

The Lesser Caucasus is not yet well developed. The paths are easy, sometimes there is no path across meadows or along farm lanes. The population is extremely hospitable. We are regularly invited for coffee or tea. You can also find hiking routes on Komoot or Outdooractive.

Start of the Booking Season 2022/23


Freeride, Bakhmaro, March-Powder, Catski, powderproject, PB300polar
Also for 2022/23 we hope for lots of snow, untracked slopes and enthusiastic freeriders...

We are ready for bookings for next season. After the excellent winter 2021/22 there are the first inquiries. At the same time, many want to come back. In the PIONEERS, the first few weeks are already fully booked by repeaters.

We are very happy about this enthusiasm!

Due to the significant increase in prices and the weak euro, we had to raise the prices.


Write us an email with your wishes and we will take care of a well put together group...