Corona News #3


Wizzair will start its first flight connections with Georgia in October. The base in Kutaisi will remain closed until summer, but there will be flights from bases in western and northeastern Europe. For the winter, we expect direct flight connections from Dormund, Riga and Vienna.

A little later than Wizzair, Ryan Air will also start with regular flights again. The Minister of Economic Affairs speaks of an end to the strict restrictions and further opening in the future.

Corona News #3


Unfortunately, the situation is becoming more confusing. Although the number of infections is increasing, the number of problematic disease courses remains low across Europe. Nonetheless, the individual countries tighten their travel restrictions. So does Georgia. A quarantine of 8 days is currently mandatory upon entry. That makes international tourism practically impossible.

Georgia exceeded the high from April on 08/09/2020 with 45 confirmed infections (with over 3 million inhabitants).

We expect the situation to simplify after the parliamentary elections in October.

Start Bookings


We start our booking period on the first of September. Unfortunately, the situation around Corona has not yet stabilized again. But now we have to start making concrete preparations for the season. The team has already worked a lot during the summer. In Adjara we have revised our alpine hut again and improved it significantly. It will also be available for hikers and mountain bikers next summer. In Bakhmaro we are building our own small chalet for a group. We will accommodate a maximum of 2 groups in the rented house.

But in September we have to order diesel and store spare parts; Order firewood and bring gas bottles (kitchen) up the mountain. We also need to store drinks and long-life food. That is only possible if we have a rough overview of how many freeriders will come in winter. And last but not least, we need the down payments to cover the expenses.

Season Preparations


Lufthansa has been flying from Munich to Tbilisi again since the beginning of August. Wizzair does not currently have a landing permit. Only citizens of 5 countries are allowed to enter: Germany, France and the three Baltic countries. There are no quarantines or mandatory tests. No change is expected before the parliamentary elections at the end of October. Then we hope for more openings.

The situation in Georgia is very stable. New infections have been in the single-digit or low double-digit range for weeks. Contacts are being closely followed up and outbreaks are nipped in the bud by local quarantines. Internationally, there is a lot of recognition for the achievements in containing the corona epidemic.

We will continue to plan the season as if there was no Corona and we will not give up hope for a powdery season in the lonely Caucasus.

Corona News #2


Despite the current Corona crisis and the associated uncertainty, we are starting to plan for the coming season. When planning and preparing, we take the following assumptions into account:

  • the worldwide travel restrictions will be lifted again in the course of the year.
  • Wizzair starts again with regular flights to Kutaisi.
  • a second wave of infections occurs in autumn. However, this is not accompanied by such drastic government restrictions.
  • the insecurity of the population leads to very late, sometimes short-term bookings.

We plan the season on the basis of these assumptions. However, we can only consider short-term bookings to the extent that we have free capacity.