Catskiing - Catboarding

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Catskiing is often seen as a "little brother" of heliskiing - especially as a cheaper one. But Catskiing has a handful of real advantages over heliskiing. The most important is the lower independence from the weather. Snowcats can drive in almost any kind of weather. During a whiteout, our experienced drivers follow GPS-track.


However, our alp hut is at 2'400 meters very remote and sometimes exposed to strong winds.


Another advantage is the relaxed atmosphere compared to the stressful handling of the helicopter. We have got time. The cat is available all day, depending on the weather and the group, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. That's good for an impressive number of runs.


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One of our Snowcats high up on the mountain, Feb. 2023. ©

In Adjara we operate a PB300W Polar for our groups and there is always one back-up machine in Bakhmaro ready to go.  The snowcat has got a heated cabin for up to 12 freeriders. The cabins have been custom made according to our plans to match our high quality and safety standards.


The local drivers are professional tractor drivers with years of experience with working in snow. They know the area, the mountains and all the tracks from summer. They grew up in these mountains. For driving the Pistenbullys we organised a training by Austrian experts.


It can always happen that a snowcat has a technical problem, but our team of drivers and mechanics is always ready to solve them. Many problems can be solved directly on the mountain. In Chkhakoura we run our own garage and workshop with spare parts and all necessary tools. Here we can also provide a professional service in summer. In the worst case, a backup machine is available in Bakhmaro. For us, the safety and availability of a snowcat for our groups are key points of operation.


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Our groups are always guided by professional guides.

The groups are guided by experienced local mountain guides. In recent years we have been able to build up a pool of young, freeride-oriented Georgian guides who speak good English. Since autumn 2021, the Georgian Mountain Guide Association (GMGA) has been part of the world association IFMGA.

Our guides create their own daily avalanche report with LoLa®. They know the terrain, our safety equipment and standards. If the worst comes to the worst, they can easily communicate with local forces. We benefit from being close to Bakhmaro. The guides regularly exchange information about the current snow and weather situation. Another advantage is that the other team is available as a back-up for unforeseen situations. So we are not completely alone. This ensures a high level of security, systematics and local knowledge.

Our guiding concept is based on understanding experienced freeriders as partners on the mountain. In addition to basic safety, we want to ride good lines and strengthen the experience in the group. Communication is a cornerstone of this guiding approach.

Local Impact

team, Georgian Tradition, Georgian Clothes
Our team in Bakhmaro in traditional clothes for a celebration in 2019.

The most important asset we have is our team of locals.


From the very beginning a key for our project was to involve locals and provide jobs for these great people in the mountains. We want to have an impact. We also try to buy food from the local farmers, trout from the local fish farm and honey from the local beekeeper.


For our local staff we pay the pension fund and our staff is all year round health and accident insured. By now we are the biggest employer in the village and provide income for a dozen families.


Most employees started one day stayed with us untill now.