March 2024


35-50 years old, skier


best overall skiing experience

For me, this was personally the best overall skiing experience considering all aspects (people, snow quality, landscape, mountain guides, food, camp organization & value for money). We will definitely return.


My detailed feedback:


The Terrain: Ranging from moderate to steep – it's all there. Snow Quality: We were fortunate that about 30 cm of fresh snow fell upon arrival, which lasted superbly until the last day. Thanks to Mikhail, our guide, who made the best strategic suggestions. We began with the first warm-up right from the hut and did about 5000 vertical meters a day. You could stop whenever you felt like it based on your energy levels; the Cat driver would pick us up at the hut. The terrain spans the entire Adjara region, Meria Keli Pass, at about 2400 vertical meters. We had fresh tracks every day without any time pressure. (We were there alone, okay, there was a fox at the hut, but we were really the only ones there!) The terrain overall is open, free, lets you float above the clouds; we could race, send & shred.


The Snowcat: Our day started at 9 am and ended at 4:45 pm, so we did about 20 runs of 200-350 vertical meters each, which is not a problem for those who are trained. The Cat driver was reliable and took us to every summit. Great guy! The speed of the transport was swift (about 5-10 minutes to the drop-off point). The cool part was we could decide every day whether we wanted to go on a tour or use the snowcat. (Everyone could book this for themselves for an extra charge, depending on the weather/snow).


The Hut: Secluded, quiet, with the most beautiful sunsets. Facilities: Comfortable, warm & charming. Especially the large common area for everyone with a real screensaver into the mountain scenery. The sauna was pre-heated every evening just in time. (Thanks, Mr. Firemaker!)


The Food: I could write extensively, but it would exceed the limit: It's important to know: You get by far the best authentic Georgian culinary experience imaginable. I took almost as many photos of food as of skiing. Morning, noon, in-between, evening, with 3-4 different courses each day from various origins of the region and fish from nearby Alpine ponds. All fresh. Speechless. Many thanks!


Mountain Guide: Overall positive and safe feeling with our man Mikhail! Giorgi as the best support. Equipment was checked, and the plan was briefly discussed together in the morning. Always found good solutions for a group that wasn't the smallest (11 people). Safety was ensured every day, and there was never a strange feeling. Carefree all around.


Our Group: We stuck together, which is what made it interesting; international guests of different ages, languages, experiences all with the mission to spend the best time there and to harmoniously create it together. No ego trips, no discussions, we were really lucky!


The only criticism is the group size. Ideally, it would have been 5-6 people for us.


March 2024


50-65 years old, skier


we will tell the right people

I wanted to thank you on behalf of the group for the fantastic week we had in your ski resort. Great guides and crew who took care of us and guided us. Nice group with the Germans and New Zealanders. Congratulations for your organization and we will tell the right people.


Hope to see you guys again !!!


January 2024


50-65 years old, skier


gorgeous, fluffy, ever abundant SNOW

Just a quick note to say a HUGE thank you from our party for such an amazing experience. It surpassed our expectations exponentially. We loved the snow, the hut, the people, the snow, the food, the snow, the quietness, the snow, the fresh air, the snow, the skis (especially my Renegade 122s), the snow, the piston bully, the snow, our wonderful guide, Mikheil and did I mention …… the gorgeous, fluffy, ever abundant SNOW.


Well done for setting up such a special operation. Very clever. We are so grateful and hope to return with Nick next year. I hope he will speak to you soon about that.


January 2023


50-65 years old, skier


the most unbelievable time

A close friend living in Stuttgart and I had made reservations for a Bakhmaro week in January, but snow conditions were a little lean this particular occasion, with two week old snow beginning to harden and crust at lower levels. Against operating procedure, Ingo offered to let us join the group headed to the high altitude hut in Adjara, where we then spent the week in the wonderful company of three separate groups of younger European skiers and snowboarders, two amazing guides in Misho and Guja, and our excellent snowcat driver, Badri. Together with Magouli, Thiala and Nona, our three absolutely brilliant chefs, we had the most unbelievable time in the alpehut, sixteen people, delicious food, comfy bunks beds, two toilets, two basins, one shower, with no problems in coordinating ourselves in the least - the ultimate in community luxury among old and new friends of endless generosity and consideration.


It may not have snowed for two weeks, but unless you had skied it, you would never have believed stale snow could have been so good. Up in the Alpehut in Adjara, the untouched snow may not have been the freshest powder, but was still so good, nothing was felt wanting.


The catski operation Ingo runs is something I will return to again every year until I am no longer able to ski.




January 2023


36-50 years old, skier


amazing hospitality

Not only that Thanks to Powderproject.ch we could spend again a week of superb skiing despite 10 days without fresh snowfall, but Ingo & the team also create an environment that many locals really like to work in and as a rider you can feel the enthusiasm  that every one shares guides, car drivers and all staff providing this amazing hospitality.
By booking powderproject.ch not only you will get an amazing experience and top quality snow, but you also support  locals and you will make many Georgian friends.


January 2023


36-50 years old, skier



My friend Marlous and I had an amazing week skiing from the Adjara hut. Even after two weeks without any new snow, our awesome guides could still find us a lot of untracked runs with fluffy snow. The runs are a mix of a bit more mellow (to warm up) or steeper, just as the group likes and what the skiing ability allows. Every now and then we did some skinning or boot packing to get untracked or even more exciting runs.


The staff is super friendly and the ladies in the kitchen went out of their way to prepare us the most delicious dishes every meal.


It's all very well organized and the hut is beautifully situated on a ridge, with large windows facing south so you can enjoy both sun rise and sun set, which really adds to the experience!


I can absolutely recommend this trip.

Kristina & Peter

January 2020


18-35 years old, skier


published on www.powderhounds.com

Magical place in the Lower Caucasus

Back again! Second Trip with Ingo and his team in Georgia. After great experience in Bakhmaro last year, we took the chance to do the first week in the new base in Adjara. And once again - we are stocked about his project.

At our arraving we were warmly welcomed by the team and it felt like we had never left Georgia. First night we stayed in Bakhmaro, where we got introduced to the secrets of backgammon. The next day we went to Adjara by Snowcat. The hut on the top of the alpine village is really cosy with great view around the whole area. Surrounded by a great team you can enjoy the whole week with tasty high quality georgian food. Also this year we celebrated New Years Eve in Georgia - an unique experience with fantastic georgian food, chacha, dancing and celebrating the begining of 2020.

We were the first guests at new lodge - so we explored new terrain and we had a lot of First first lines - now more words needed ;) Adjara offers you a wide alpine area with a lot of opportunities to ski.

During the whole trip you can see that Ingo has put his heart and soul into this project and is passionate about it. And that's exactly what makes Powderproject.ch so unique.

We can highly reccomend a trip to Adjara for everyone wanting an authentic experience in an amazing country and location surrounded by an amazing Team! Thanks to powderproject.ch for this incredable week!!


January 2020

United Arab Emirates

36-50 years old, skier


published on www.powderhounds.com

What an Adventure!

What a place, what an experience... our group of 9 skiers has just returned from a perfect week in Adjara. We flew from a mix of locations, meeting up in Kutaisi and then on to Bakhmaro where we met the magnificent Ingo and his team of Cat drivers.

It's an amazing setup- excellent terrain, with limitless options. Our first few bluebird days were a bit stressful as Ingo scouted for snow after several days of strong winds- we found it, but were lusting after his legendary Bakhmaro powder. For the second half of the week, we were buried in the stuff and played in the trees around this colossal area. Our final day was one for the memory banks- skiing steep forest in more than a metre of fresh, light, fluffy powder. I can't stop thinking about it...

And the rest of it? Well, don't believe Ingo when he tells you the accomodation is basic:. He and his team have worked miracles in transforming an old shepherd's hut and it feels warm, comfortable and pristine. The place is toasty with wood-burners strategically placed and plenty of room to hang and dry ski kit; plenty of hot running water (although the pressure is a little dribbly...I have to find some sort of negative!) and the sauna will apparently be ready in the next week or so.

The food is superb and classically Georgian- lots of kachapuri (bread stuffed with cheese), soups and great vegetable plates. You will absolutely not go hungry.

Ingo is awesome- he seems unflustered by anything and it is genuinely heroic what he has built and manages. He is an open book, talking clearly about his terrain choices and sharing views on snow safety, options and helping the group dynamic by voicing his ideas and opinions. What he has done in Bakhmaro/Adjari is astonishing.

In recent years we have skied in Kashmir, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, heli in Georgia (Gudauri), France, Italy and on and on. This is one of the best ski experiences I have been on.


January 2020

United Arab Emirates

36-50 years old, skier


published on www.powderhounds.com

Amazing Adjara

We have just returned from an exceptional week in Powder Project's lodge in the high Alpine above Bakhmaro. Ingo Schlutius and his team were simply fantastic. It was clear that safety was at the forefront of Ingo's mind at all times but he consistently put us on the powder. On arrival, the mountains looked very windblown and scarred but this team clearly know the area very well and are able to sniff out the good lines on the powder. Every day seemed to get better and better: from amazing tree lines, to open runs from the peak; on our last day we skied chest deep powder and were reluctant to leave. The Georgian hospitality was fantastic with great food and good times. I can't recommend this trip highly enough. It really was an epic adventure and great fun.

Thanks to all at Powderproject.ch and I hope to ski with you again. Scotty