February 2024


35-50 years old, ski

An excellent time

Thank you very much for an excellent time last week. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip: the skiing was excellent, great company and fine food. Thank for sorting out the ski, bag and transceiver rental etc. The guys in our group were great fun and Roman was an excellent guide. I really enjoyed and appreciated Ilia’s help and Giorgi was a very good and helpful driver.


All in all a great week.


Hope to see you again.



January 2024


18-35 years old

One of the best ski experiences I’ve ever had!

One of the best ski experiences I’ve ever had - hats off to Ingo and his team! Just about everything was well executed and skiing itself was just out of this world. There’s just too much to include in a brief review so here are a couple of highlights:

- We were hitting a solid 8+ runs a day and averaging between 4500-5000m vertical
- The terrain was super varied, from poplar forest runs to open alpine slopes, and we went to a new location every day
- Even with 4-5 groups out there, we hardly crossed anyone’s tracks, scoring several epic first tracks during the week.
- Not that this was entirely planned but, the groups and mix of skiers/boarders was great with everyone at a similar ability level and no laggers. Also, just a fantastic group of people #internationalcat
- Every meal was outrageously good, with at least 8 homemade dishes and a different variation of kachapuri every night. Be ready for some cheese!
- Our guide, Giorgi, got some fantastic footage of us including some seriously good-looking drone shots which I’ll definitely be sharing with everyone I know! Props to Giorgi, the other guides, and our Cat driver- real stand-up folks who found fresh spots for us every day!

So there we go! I’m *almost* tempted not to post this review since I’d like the experience not to change one bit, but Ingo and all the people at Powerproject deserve the recognition. Thanks for everything!


December 2023


35-50 years old, skier

Ultimate Freeride Experience with in Bakhmaro!

I recently enjoyed an epic New Year's Eve catskiing week with in Bakhmaro, and it was an unforgettable adventure. The trip was a perfect mix of weather conditions: the first four days graced us with sunny skies and amazing weather, creating ideal conditions for skiing. The last four days were a powder paradise, thanks to a fresh snowfall that blanketed the slopes with an abundance of powdery snow.


One of the most impressive aspects of this trip was how handled our group. They were incredibly flexible, accommodating guest requests with ease and always eager to ensure everyone's satisfaction. Their support was superlative, adding a layer of comfort and confidence to our adventure.


We were the only group freeride-skiing in the area, which meant access to an abundance of untouched slopes. This exclusivity made our experience even more special. The expertise of the snowcat drivers and mountain guides was super good, as well as their knowledge of the local area: they always navigated us to the best spots seamlessly. The small group sizes enhanced even more the experience, making it more intimate and enjoyable.


Georgian hospitality added to the charm of our trip. The cuisine was nothing short of amazing, complemented by a really nice selection of local wines and drinks. Our little cozy hotel was the perfect place to unwind, complete with a warm fireplace and a nice sauna/hot tub.


In conclusion, delivered a phenomenal skiing adventure, absolutely maintaining true the promise of great lines, great food and great sleep. This place is definitely a must-do for anyone looking for an extraordinary skiing experience.


Febuary 2023


50-65 years old, skier


Wonderful time spent at Ingo's catski operation in Bakhmaro.  We went for 1 week and ended up staying for 2 weeks as the snow was just TOO good.  It snowed 8 meters over a 10-day period. We were laughing and hooting all day, every day.
We stayed at the Base Lodge the first week and the Pioneers Lodge the second week.  Both 2 different vibes but equally as fun.
The Georgian guides (Tato, Zuka and Leri) were lots of fun and very professional.  They alway got us into the untracked stashes.  
We had such an incredible trip with good vibes and met wonderful new friends who share their passion for the mountains. 
We will be back next year!!!!!


January 2023


36-50 years old, skier

skiing, socialising and eating

We had the most fantastic week of skiing, socialising and eating!


You and all your employees have done an amazing job with the powder project. It really feels like a special operation in a very special place. We can't wait to come back in the future! I've attached a couple of photos of the cat that I thought looked impressive.


January 2023


18-35 years old, skier


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A lot of powder, excellent guide, great accomodation and food. A very professional crew! Definetly coming back.


January 2023


36-50 years old, skier

Bakhmaro Base

Thanks for having us, Bakhmaro!

Fantastic scenery, lucky with the snow, great guides and crew - what else can you ask for? Ah, okay, maybe the great food, the hospitality, the Georgian way of life are also worth mentioning. And not to forget the skiing, the reason for coming here.

I hope to be back soon :)


February 2022


36-50 years old, skier

The place is really a powder wonderland!

My experience in Bakhmaro has just been fantastic under multiple aspects.

I got some of the best rides in my life. The place is really a powder wonderland! There is so much snow that even a week of sun can't stop the fun!

Ingo and his crew managed to have us everyday in the right places! We could still find a lot of fun and we have always been safe thanks to our guides. The cat ski drivers are seriously pros! Some of the runs are so long they can make your legs cry but your mind want more! There is a lot of variety in the landscape and in the runs you can do! It is like having 4 different mountains in one!

They rented me perfect equipment. My own skis just didn't fell ok, too stiff for some of the trees. After 2 days I rented skis. I wish I did that from the first day! Check out Ogso Spencer 110 (they are bananas!)

I met fantastic people there. The group of skiers and the guides were like old friends after 3 days and the local hospitality is really warm. Food is amazing and Bakhmaro feels like being back in time a 100 years. You really feel contact with nature. The budget accommodations are really clean and ok to be with a friend. The common living room downstairs is so cozy! Great taste in the furniture and style of all spaces.

It's once in a lifetime experience except it's not!! I will go again and I strongly advise it!


February 2022


36-50 years old, skier

Bakhmaro BASe

Was with the team in January 2022 for an amazing week of catskiing. We had little new snow over the week until the end but still skiing powder with our great guide Saba. Amazing alpine and tree skiing and some great areas scoped out.

Ingo runs a really professional operation and is a great guy. Guides are clued up and cats are in good shape. The lodge was really fun - we were the only English guys there but super friendly atmosphere with Germans, Swedes and Danes etc. The food and wine was so good and all staff couldn't do enough for us. I've been to a few Georgian restaurants since so definitely a convert.

I'll be back in 2023 for sure!


February 2022


36-50 years old, boarder


This was the most amazing trip and it exceeded all expectations. We didn't get snow for the entire week, but still had fresh snow every day. The guides did a great job communicating and making sure that they saved fresh snow for us every day. Would recommend this to anyone!


January 2022


36-50 years old, skier


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Powderproject Bakhmaro Cat Skiing

In few of the best powder trips ever.
The overall organisation of powderproject team and their soul - Ingo is amazing!
We had an amazing week of skiing Japanese like snow and terrain of your dreams here....the feeling is as you would get yourself into "all you can eat" powder restaurant with Michelin quality dishes. We skied our guts out each day from dawn till dusk on uncrowded remote Bakhmaro terrains that are accessible only to guests of Ingo and his team. The vision that they have is something am sure will develop this location much further and to an exclusive level not matched in many places on the globe.
The Pioneers lodge offers amazing housing experience, the food there is amazing and the team heartily breaths with the place. We'll come back for more with 100% certainty!


December 2021


36-50 years old, skier

Bakhmaro & Adjara

Georgia Bakhmaro and Adjara are special places for freeriding in Europe. Actually I should keep them a secret.... and stop right here with telling you about them.

Catskiing with Powderproject is an adventure, fun, well guided by Ingo and team. He will find you the best lines. The accomodation is new and comfortable , the staff is very friendly and cooking amazing Georgian style dinners. Everything is about freeriding ...


January 2020


36-50 years old


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Bakhmaro January 2020

What a fantastic place! Powderproject Bakhmaro is a professionally run extremely hospitable operation. From start to finish everything is dealt with in a smooth and efficient manner.

Transfers are well organised especially given the terrain between Kutaisi and the town of Bakhmaro. Once you arrive at the lodge you are looked after by the amazing lodge staff who produce unbelievable amounts of high-quality local food and drink to keep you sustained during your visit.

The guides and cat drivers are of the highest quality and the cats themselves are of very high quality.

The terrain offers a great mixture of high alpine, coastal pine forest and gladed birch trees which is unique to any other area I had been in before. Therefore over the course of a week, there is plenty of variety to keep you entertained. There is certainly plenty of snow as well, even early season, despite a few days with no new snow the scale of the ski area ensures there are always new pockets to open up and explore fresh lines.

Overall Powderproject offers an amazing experience at a very reasonable price. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a ski/snowboard adventure into this beautiful part of Georgia.


January 2020


36-50 years old, skier


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Just Amazing

What the team have built in Bakhmaro is exceptional. Yes the rooms are a little noisy and the power went of a couple of times (immediately fixed) but that's all just part of the experience. Georgia was a total surprise, we were aware the snow could be amazing and the terrain was going to be great but meeting the people and eating the food was an absolute delight!

Its quite far from Scotland but I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys great skiing and is looking for an adventure.

The quality of the guiding by Bernd and his team is second to none. Perfect balance of safety and fun. Ingo and his team have pulled off the remarkable and I can't wait to see it grow (no too much!) over the next few years.

We will be back no questions

Pili Royo

January 2020


36-50 years old, skier


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We've spent an awesome week in Bakhmaro. The atmosphere has been so warm… People from Georgia in the hut were so nice, the cook Bacho very kind and the food was excellent… Barbara was lovely, our guide Berndt… so nice. And our free-rider colleagues were… super nice. The different views from different hills in Backmaro… were unbelievable. We could see the Black Sea, Turkey, Russia, High Caucasus… And free-ride in open spaces or in the forest… amazinggggg. The last day we were skiing with Ingo and we didn’t repeat any line… all mountain for us… always looking for new lines until we got exhausted. Snow cat drivers were very good. An unforgettable week. So… thanks to all Ingo Team for this lovely week and… SEE YOU NEXT SEASON!!!


February 2019


36-50 years old, boarder


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Amazing and unique experience

Visited mid Feb 2019. Felt like an adventure. Picked up from Kutaisi airport- transport by minibus until couldn't drive any further. Quick shimmy into skiwear and transfer to a waiting snowmobile. Another hour or so uphill via abandoned villages - not so many local people own tracked vehicles. Distant yellow light came into view, got larger, only occupied house in an otherwise empty village. Open the door, into the warmth with laughter, eating and drinking, accordion and singing. Mainly German and Austrian customers, some Brits - maybe around 30 guests in total. All male. friendly Georgian crew looking after us and operating the equipment. New Zealand and German guides.

We were virtually the only people in the mountain range and there was a LOT of powder, refilled daily. Lots of trees, pillows and jumps everywhere (some massive). Sometimes skiied along roads and through back gardens. Mixture of boarders and skiers. Most would be advanced or expert. Nice views out to the black sea and to mount Elbrus.

Powerful Cats with good drivers properly trained in Austria. Ingo and his guys scouted the area, widened the forest tracks and basically created an enormous private playground.

Rode hard every day, on the last day we did over 5700 metres of vertical. Downsides - accommodation basic and walls thin so bring earplugs/noise cancelling headphones. Traditional food hearty rather than gourmet. Quid pro pro of having the mountain to yourself is there are no bars or restaurants in the evenings - so you make your own entertainment. Kutaisi is definitely worth a couple of days - plenty to see, good restaurants and SO cheap.

Contender for my best winter trip so far and I'm looking to return in 2020.


January 2019


36-50 years old, boarder


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Nice freeride at Bakhmaro with a perfect team

We were at Bakhmaro the last week of December 2018. We were looking for a place where there is already snow at this time. We were very happy with our snowboarding trip, the forecast was good, deep snow.

The guide is very professional and super nice. The lodge team (Georgian staff) is really cool, the lodge is comfortable and we eat really well.

My boyfriend broke his bindings the second day. The staff repair temporarily his bindings and order a new bindings in a shop in town and deliver it the next day morning. When we know the place (Bakhmaro is lost in the mountain), we can say that Georgians are incredible!

Everything was perfect, this experience is unforgettable!
We hope to come back soon