What s the best time to book the trip?
We get most bookings in April and May for the upcoming season. In particular weeks in January and February are full booked petty sonn.
Why do you take such a high do downpayment?
Most of our cost we have in September and October. We need to bring Diesel, oil spare parts but also drinks some food etc. up to Bakhmaro before the street is closed by snow. And a lot of other costs like rent, insurances etc. we have to pay before the season starts. All together it is a way more than 50% of our costs.
What happens to days when you cannot ski? Is there a refund per down day?
The price is calculated in such a way that we spend an average of 5 days in the cat. If less than 5 days are ski-worthy, we will refund the cost of the snowcat on a pro rata basis.
What should we bring?
We have put together a short packing list.

Freeride in Bakhmaro

How many vertical meters do the runs have and how many runs do you make during the day?
The high valley is at over 1,900 meters. The tree line is a good 2,200 meters. The peaks reach 2'500 to 2'755 meters. However, the higher elevations are often blown off. We usually move between 2'300 and 1'800 meters. The individual runs therefore have between 300 and 500 meters of altitude difference.
Depending on the area, the length of the runs and the condition of the participants, we can do about 10 runs per day.
Are there treeruns which you could drive on a bad weather day?

Yes, with Roadside and Maximundo we have some excellent treeskiing in Bakhmaro. We can access these area even in bad weather conditions. Even these runs have up to 300 vertical meters. There are more areas with treeruns, but usually the drop-off points are above the treeline and in bad weather these runs are unconfortable to reach.

What kind of snowcat do you operate in Bakhmaro?
In total we now have five Pistenbully 300 W Polar. Pistenbully is the Mercedes of SnowCats and known for its good workmanship and reliability. The machines have 430 hp (455 hp) and are thus well prepared for a big snowfall. We brought them to Georgia ourselves and equipped them with a heated cabin with 12 seats.
What happens, when a snowcat breaks down?
As we operate three groups at a time we always have t least one backup cat ready to use.
Is there an emergency care? What happens with an injury (rescue, next hospital, etc.)?

There are rescue helicopters in Georgia. Provided the weather allows for a flight, rescue by air is possible. In the case of a rescue by us the transport takes place with the SnowCat or snowmobile and then with a 4x4 vehicle to the hospital. The regional ambulances are equipped accordingly. There are bigger hospitals in Kutaisi and Batumi. Bone fractures can also be treated in Chokhatauri or Ozurgeti. We urgently recommend the appropriate conclusion of an accident and recovery insurance (including return transport).

In our pioneer season, we had the experience of both a cruciate ligament tear and a dislocated shoulder. The rescues worked well as planned.


Is an alternative pickup in Tbilisi or Batumi possible?
That is possible in principle. Consider on the one hand the rather long distance to Tbilisi (6 hours by car) and on the other hand the problem of the last 15 km. The road is not cleared and the pickup must be done with the snowcat or a snowmobile. There will be additional costs paid by the participant. The question is how many people, to determine which kind of vehicle is needed.
Is there a possibility to book a winter-ready vehicle with a driver in order to connect a road trip?
We can arrange for you drivers who have all-wheel drive vehicles, drive carefully and sometimes even speak English.
Is an identity card sufficient or is a passport required?
I would like to defer you to any website of the foreign office for your country. For example, an identity card is sufficient for Germans and Austrian citizens. However, I always travel with a passport. The responsibility for valid entry documents lies with the traveler.


Can we bring the cartiges from our airbags?
Wizzair allows bringing the cartridges ether in the hand luggage or in the checked-in luggage (not in the sport equipment). However, there have been problems in particular at small provincial airports like Dortmund. Best to inform the airline at the check-in desk and check any changes in regulations.