Aslan is head driver. He has already drove us up to Bakhmaro with his old "tractor" in February 2016. Since then he is the one who developes and prepares new cat-tracks, looks that all machines are serviced and organises spare parts as well as all administrative management.


Also Aslan recruted most of our local team and showed good knowledge of human nature in choosing the best...


He lives with his family in Chkhakoura.



Tengo is one of our most experienced Pistenbully drivers. He is driving our snowcats since 2017. Like the other drivers he is from Chkhakoura and knows the mountains around Bakhmaro since his childhold.


He lives with his family in Chkhakoura.


We have more than one Aslan. In 2017 "Big" Aslan joined our team of technicians and drivers.


He is became our third snowcat-driver. Aslan has an absolutely confident personality and is always in a good mood. In the summer he does all the jobs where we need experience and knowledge. For rebuilding our hut he provided his Ural - a six-wheeler offraod truck.


Aslan lives with his family in Chkhakoura.


Nestan is the centre of in the kitchen and throws the shop alone when it matters.

Since Nestan also comes from Chkhakoura, she knows the dishes that are cooked in the mountain villages and on the alp. This way we can serve Burano or Sironi as it is made in the local households. We are proud to be able to offer the traditional food of the people up here in the mountains.

Here she presents fresh trout from the mountain stream near Chkhakoura.


Meri is completing our kitchen staff. She is looking after the dishes and cooking traditional dishes.


Meri lives with her family in Chkhakoura.



Nona lives with her family in Chkhakoura.


We meet Rezo the first time in the fish farm in Quabra, where we were stranded in the first season after a weeklong snowstorm. There he was cooking the best fried trout for us, I have ever eaten.


Two years later he joined the team as our "Fire-Meister" and summer security guard. As Fire-Meister Rezo is looking after all the fireplaces including hot water and the sauna. But he is also looking after the inside fire and offering Chacha - the local snaps - at any oppertunity.


Rezo is from Chkhakoura.


Geno came to the team on a short notice in December 2016. We realised pretty fast, that we needed one person looking after the fire in the rented cottages - also in the night. So we ask Geno to come up for a week.


He learnd snowmobile driving and proved as a good mechanic. Now he is in charge of looking after our fleet of "Buranis" (snowmobiles) including the Sherpas. As snowmobile driver Geno can bring us help onto the slopes but also can give us a quick pick up with one of the Sherpas.


He is from Chkhakoura.


Mamuka is responsible for all airport transfers. He is driving and coordinating our fleet of 2 Ford Transits and 1 Toyota Hiace to pick up freeriders and  our shopping.


Mamuka is also a partner of the fish farm cooperative in Chkhakoura. Once a week swe get our trouts from him.


Mamuka lives with his family in Qvabga but was born in Chkhakoura.

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