Tengo has been our driver since the BlindBird season. With his calm and serenity and, of course, his finger feeling when driving the heavy snowcat, he quickly made himself indispensable.

He knows all the tracks in the woods and the mountains around Bakhmaro like the back of his hand. He grew up here.

Tengo runs a carpenter's workshop with his father in Chkhakoura. His wife Fati was with us in our alpine hut in Adjara last winter. As the

Most of our team, Tengo lives with his family in the neighboring village of Chkhakoura.


Aslan has been part of our team of Pistenbully drivers since 2018. With his always friendly manner and his competence, he quickly proved to be an indispensable support.

Aslan is responsible for our workshop in Chkhakoura. In the summer he is looking after the service of our snow groomers. Before he started with us, he worked in Batumi. In summer Aslan supports us with his Ural, a 6x6 truck.

Aslan lives in Chkhakoura with his family.

Eto has been with our team since the very first week of our company’s establishment.


For several years she helped her husband in the kitchen. Now she is the chef and prepares all the dishes in Bakhmaro, also she pays attention and take care to every dish which are bring to the table for our guests. She is a master of Khachapuri and knows all Georgian traditional dishes very nicely.


Eto is very friendly person and knows how to be calm in difficult situacions, she laughts when there is a lot of work in the kitchen,which relieves stress. Eto lives with her family in Ozurgeti.



Rezo is our fire master and a veteran in Bakhmaro. Fireman means that he takes care of the fire for heating, cooking, sauna and hot water, adds firewood, keeps the water pipes free of ice and also deals with the electricity supply.

Nona lives with her family in Chkhakoura.


Nazi  sie ist unsere Hausdame in Bakhmaro. Sie kümmert sich um die Zimmer unsere Base in Bakhmaro, bemüht sich unter den Freeridern um Sauberkeit und Ordnung. Neben den Zimmern, werden natürlich auch die Badezimmer und die Sauna regelmässig gereinigt.


In der Saisonvorbereitung, kocht Nazi auch für uns und sorgt für eine warme Atmosphäre.

Nazi ist aus Chkhakoura, dem nächsten Dorf, und ist schon mit Aslan und Mamuka zur Schule gegangen. Den Sommer hat Nazi auf der Alp in Muschuta verbracht und sich um die Tiere und das Gemüse der Familie gekümmert.


We have meet Rezo the first time in the fish farm in Quabra, where we were stranded in the first season after a weeklong snowstorm. There he was cooking the best fried trout for us, I have ever tasted.


Two years later he joined the team as our "Fire-Meister" and summer security guard. As Fire-Meister Rezo is looking after all the fireplaces including hot water and the sauna. He keeps the water pipes free of ice and the smoke pipes clean.


But he is also looking after the inside fire and has always a homemade Chacha on offer. Rezo is also a sociable chord player and knows how to make Georgian listeners laugh with his funny lyrics. He speaks Russian and Turkish.


Rezo is Geno's father and of course both are fro


Geno came to the team on a short notice in December 2016. We realised pretty fast, that we needed one person looking after the fire in the rented cottages - also in the night. So we ask Geno to come up for a week.


He learnd snowmobile driving and proved as a good mechanic. Now he is in charge of looking after our fleet of "Buranis" (snowmobiles) including the Sherpas. As snowmobile driver Geno can bring us help onto the slopes but also can give us a quick pick up with one of the Sherpas.


He is from Chkhakoura.

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