News 2020-22

Season End


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Sun in the evening after a snowstorm-day, 28/03/2022

5 freeriders followed our "Last Call for Powder" and experienced another 4 powder days in Bakhmaro. 5 freeriders in the entire area! 5 freeriders from 5 countries, fresh powder, snowstorm and blue sky, non-stop untracked slopes. That was a worthy final!

A very good season comes to an end with a perfect (shortened) week. Best freeride weather from December to the end of March, only in the second half of February there wasn't that much snow.

...and the booking period for 2022/23 starts at the beginning of April...

...we're looking forward to welcome Freeriders again next winter!

Season Extension


Freeride, Bakhmaro, March-Powder, Catski, powderproject
Rider: Ingo Schlutius, 07/03/2022

Due to the very good snow conditions, we are extending our season until the end of March. We have a good snow base and expect more snowfall over the next two weeks. The temperatures also remain low. This leads to safe and good conditions until the end of March.

The Ukraine war is dramatic and very tragic for the people living there. We deeply regret that. However, the war has had no impact on our operation. International flights continue without delay. Georgia is far from the war zone.

So nothing stands in the way of a booking. There are short-term booking options:

  • 12/03-19/03/2022
  • 19/03-26/03/2023

Corona News #7



Covid-19 ‘green’ passes have come into force in Georgia starting today, obliging the public to present proof of vaccination, testing or recovery from Covid-19 when entering certain establishments. The ‘green status’ are given to the following groups:


  • Fully vaccinated individuals
  • Those who have recovered from coronavirus
  • Those with negative PCR test certificates conducted within the last 72 hours
  • People with negative rapid test results conducted within the last 24 hours


Those with COVID-19 passes will be allowed to enter various types of institutions, such as: food facilities: cafes, restaurants, bars (both open and closed spaces), cinemas, theatres, museums, casinos, spa centres, gyms or hotels.


The mountain resorts are also included!



Start Seasonal Newsletter


With the first snowfall that will last, we start the weekly newsletter with information on the weather, snow situation and freeride conditions. There is also information on the current Corona situation in Georgia.

The newsletter is only sent to freeriders who have booked this season and are intended to increase anticipation, but also to facilitate preparation with information. We will discontinue the newsletter in the middle of March.

In addition, we introduce a team member every week, because none of this would be possible here without our drivers, cooks, mechanics, housekeepers and snowmobilers. This winter we will have up to 30 local employees.



We took advantage of the good weather and drove the converted bivouac bus into the mountains. There we let the bus snow in and with the first decent snowfall we will come back and test the bivouac.

We have stored some groceries; in addition, firewood, candles and whatever you need for a night in the middle of the mountains. Bring winter sleeping bags! We built a simple toilet block outside the bus. There is no shower ... just snow.

The bus is half a day's tour from Bakhmaro in a high valley. To be on the safe side, we provide tourers with a satellite phone.

First decent dump of the season


First snow in September and October is normal in Bakhmaro. End of November we had the first decent snowfall. As there is no base underneath, it is not yet enough to ride.


After the next decent snowfall we will go for the first ski-tour...

Autumn Newsletter


Autumn Newsletter
Newsletter Autumn 2021.pdf
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Twice a year we send out a newsletter with current information on our offers, news and the booking situation.

If you want to be included in the mailing list, send us a short message.

Corona News #6


Georgia survived the fourth wave. The government did not issue any new restrictions and yet the numbers are falling again. It is therefore unlikely that the Georgian government will react with dramatic restrictions if the fifth wave is expected.

Wizzair is expanding the flight plan and new - old destinations will be available to us again in winter.

New Flight Schedule


Wizz did some major changes of the flight schedule for the upcoming winter.


Now there are newly restored connecctions from Barcelona.

Flight Schedule


In the second half of August freeriders are coming out of the summer holidays and start thinking about the powder season. It is the time when inquiries are going up again and the remaining availability is beeing booked.


That is not different this year. We hope the Corona Crisis will be over next winter and we can go freeriding again. Today we checked the flight schedule of Wizz - there are again a lot of connections available.



We opend The PIONEERS! We could not finish everything, but the main services work. We have also opened the cafe with a terrace including a great view over Bakhmaro. In the cafe we offer coffee and cake and a small menu of Georgian dishes and drinks.


For now we operate 6 rooms. All rooms have privat bathrooms and a balcony. For now we stop working on the house to give our guests and our neighbours a nice summer. In September we will start again to finish the house.


By the start of the winter season we will have all 10 rooms available.



Together with our Partner Penguin Clothing we have designed a T-shirt. We need minimum 100 pieces to produce the shirt and you can help us to reach this limit.
Penguin is a freeride brand from Zürich producing outerwear without frills - functional, stylish and above all durable.
The unisex T-shirt is made from 100% cotton in a family business in Portugal. Penguin is purchasing the yarn from Trifitrofa, where it is dyed with low levels of pollutants in accordance with the Öko-Tex 100 standard. The quality T-shirt in dark blue is available in the sizes XS, S, M, L, XL and 2XL. The price is 40,-€.
You can book and prepay the T-shirt now and pick it up in Bakhmaro in the winter (and try the right size), or you add 5,-€ for shipment and we send it to you (CH & EU). We want to produce the shirt in late summer.

Spring Newsletter


Spring Newsletter
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Twice a year we send out a newsletter with current information on our offers, news and the booking situation.

If you want to be included in the mailing list, send us a short message.

Successfull start into the booking periode for 2021/22


We have successfully started the bookings for the coming 2021/22 season. The first dates are already fully booked or only available on a waiting list.

We will keep our early payment offer up to 30/06/2021 and give everyone who transfers the entire amount immediately a 10% discount on the remaining payment (without deposit of 20%). The early payments enable us to better prepare for the season and to make purchases for the season early. That saves us costs.

In Bakhmaro and Adjara we are in the follow-up work on the season (which did not take place). We drive all snow vehicles down into the village, clean up and clear the houses. We have to hand over the rented house to the landlord next month and we need to visit our alp hut regularly to check that everything is right, shovel the solar panels and check the water supply.

End of a difficult season


The season was practically a total failure. We could only greet a single real group and a few individual freeriders.

Today we end this season with one last, untracked run at Japanese in the best snow conditions. The weather forecast is still so good that freeriding would certainly be possible until the end of March this year.


Many thanks to the freeriders who supported us this winter and came to us. And a big thank you to everyone who has already paid down for tours for 2021/22 or who has already paid for them in full. You all save our survival! Because of your support we can again offer freeride tours in Georgia in 2021/22...

Corona News #5


Since February 1st, entry into Georgia has been possible again without any major problems. All that is required is an online registration and a negative PCR test. A second test is required on the third day. We'll organise it for you and bring a doctor to Bakhmaro.

Furthermore, the flight connections are very limited. That's why we're picking up in Tbilisi this winter - at any time of the day. We can obtain a special permit for night transfers.

Corona News #4


The peak of the second wave was in early December. Since then, the number of infections has been falling.

The government is discussing how the positive trend can be sustained during the holiday season, which is about to begin. Between New Year, Christmas and the "Old New Year" on January 15th, Georgia is vacation time with many family visits, etc.

The corona pandemic is only being taken in Georgia - we too are taking the situation very seriously. Everyone is committed to a safe environment for locals but also for international visitors.

The Georgian government plans to lift all restrictions on international air travel from February 2021. This also increases the chances of a more gratifying second half of the season.

projectFLEX - Long-term Covid stays


Extension of our “work from the hut” program into January.


We can offer a flexible and safe stay to freeriders who want to escape the lockdown in Europe and who want to work and freeride for several weeks (at least 3) in our house in the Lesser Caucasus. The basic price is 2'300,-€ for 7 nights and 6 catski days (2'100,-€ if you arrive in December). Each additional night costs 50,-€ (single room 75,-€) and each additional catski day by arrangement costs 150,-€. Individual ski tours are possible every day. A simple room and full board are included.


For example, Wizzair flies from Dortmund: 18/12, 25/12, 01/01/2021 and 08/01. Germans and French need only an online registration and a current PCR test to enter the country. We have internet (4G), electricity (35kw generator) and can set up desks. AND we are 3 hours ahead of Central European Time! - A 9 to 5 job is a 12 to 8 job for us! Until the offices open at noon, we have already skied Maximundo for 3 hours ...

The situation in Georgia has not improved in the past few weeks. We are not affected by the second lockdown for the time being and have applied for driving permits. In the lonely hut we are completely isolated from the outside world, the risk of infection is minimal.

First Snow in Adjara & Bakhmaro


At the end of November we have enough snow to start the season. In the week 04/12 - 11/12/2020 we still have some places available (€ 2,100 per person). We pick you up from Tbilisi with a private transfer matching the Lufthansa flight from Munich.

It will be a small group. Our Corona concept with significantly reduced capacity and separate groups is in place.

The situation has worsened in the past few weeks - a second lockdown has been in effect since yesterday. However, we do not believe we will be affected by the lockdown and have applied for driving permits. In the remote hut we are completely isolated from the outside world.

projectFLEX - Long-term Covid stays in December


Traveling is currently associated with considerable risks and restrictions. On the other hand, the possibility of freeriding will be severely restricted this winter and associated with considerable uncertainty. Are lifts running? Are there strict time windows? Are borders closed? Are overnight bans threatened? Is the next lockdown coming?
With the turnover that is currently made with ski touring equipment, it is also to be expected that the Alps will be stormed in good weather - even by many inexperienced!
We in the Caucasus already have snow and our huts are so lonely that social distancing is guaranteed. But freedom is also guaranteed!
That is why we are offering flexible long-term stays in the Caucasus in December - our projectFLEX. Flexible stays for freeriders and ski tourers who want to spend 2, 3 or more weeks in the safe solitude of the Caucasus. The number of guided catski days can be discussed individually and adjusted at short notice, depending on the weather. Every day there is the opportunity for individual ski tours. Tours of several days to our alpine hut in Adjara are also possible (but there are bunk beds there!). The number is limited, but we also need at least 6 freeriders so that we can cover the costs. So please share this post ...
For freeriders with a stay of more than 14 days, we provide simple single rooms. Bathrooms are shared, but are constantly cleaned by our team. A work area with tables and chairs is available for every 2 rooms. The internet connection (4G) is usually stable enough for online meetings. Printers & scanners are available. A 35 kw generator is available as a back-up.
The basic package with 7 nights (and full board), 6 catski days (with local guide) and airport transfer costs 2'100,-€. Each additional night with full board costs 50,- € and each additional catski day 150,- €. For example, 3 weeks with 10 catskiing days come to 3'400,-€.
Spend the lockdown or the restrictions at home on the sofa or in the powder ...
We look forward to the FirstLines!

First Snow in Adjara & Bakhmaro


We got the first snow at the weekend. The night temperatures are now regularly below zero degrees (in Bakhmaro). In our catski area in Adjara we have already a base of approx. 40 cm.

That is of course not enough for a descent, but with the next snowfall we can start our first ski-tour and we are optimistic that we will have enough snow to start operations at the beginning of December.



As expected, the situation has worsened over the past few weeks - in fact, it is significantly worse than had been feared.

We expect the situation to improve from mid-November.

Chalet Ched - Hempstones & Corona


In order to do justice to the current situation around Corona, a possible risk of infection and travel restrictions, we are building our own chalet in Bakhmaro. We use hemp bricks for construction, which on the one hand ensure a pleasant living environment and on the other hand store a lot of CO2. So we do something for the health of our freeriders and at the same time for the health of the environment.


Opening in December 2020.

Press Release Chalet Ched
Press Release 2020.pdf
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Corona News #3


Wizzair will start its first flight connections with Georgia in October. The base in Kutaisi will remain closed until summer, but there will be flights from bases in western and northeastern Europe. For the winter, we expect direct flight connections from Dormund, Riga and Vienna.

A little later than Wizzair, Ryan Air will also start with regular flights again. The Minister of Economic Affairs speaks of an end to the strict restrictions and further opening in the future.

Corona News #3


Unfortunately, the situation is becoming more confusing. Although the number of infections is increasing, the number of problematic disease courses remains low across Europe. Nonetheless, the individual countries tighten their travel restrictions. So does Georgia. A quarantine of 8 days is currently mandatory upon entry. That makes international tourism practically impossible.

Georgia exceeded the high from April on 08/09/2020 with 45 confirmed infections (with over 3 million inhabitants).

We expect the situation to simplify after the parliamentary elections in October.

Start Bookings


We start our booking period on the first of September. Unfortunately, the situation around Corona has not yet stabilized again. But now we have to start making concrete preparations for the season. The team has already worked a lot during the summer. In Adjara we have revised our alpine hut again and improved it significantly. It will also be available for hikers and mountain bikers next summer. In Bakhmaro we are building our own small chalet for a group. We will accommodate a maximum of 2 groups in the rented house.

But in September we have to order diesel and store spare parts; Order firewood and bring gas bottles (kitchen) up the mountain. We also need to store drinks and long-life food. That is only possible if we have a rough overview of how many freeriders will come in winter. And last but not least, we need the down payments to cover the expenses.

Season Preparations


Lufthansa has been flying from Munich to Tbilisi again since the beginning of August. Wizzair does not currently have a landing permit. Only citizens of 5 countries are allowed to enter: Germany, France and the three Baltic countries. There are no quarantines or mandatory tests. No change is expected before the parliamentary elections at the end of October. Then we hope for more openings.

The situation in Georgia is very stable. New infections have been in the single-digit or low double-digit range for weeks. Contacts are being closely followed up and outbreaks are nipped in the bud by local quarantines. Internationally, there is a lot of recognition for the achievements in containing the corona epidemic.

We will continue to plan the season as if there was no Corona and we will not give up hope for a powdery season in the lonely Caucasus.

Corona News #2


Despite the current Corona crisis and the associated uncertainty, we are starting to plan for the coming season. When planning and preparing, we take the following assumptions into account:

  • the worldwide travel restrictions will be lifted again in the course of the year.
  • Wizzair starts again with regular flights to Kutaisi.
  • a second wave of infections occurs in autumn. However, this is not accompanied by such drastic government restrictions.
  • the insecurity of the population leads to very late, sometimes short-term bookings.

We plan the season on the basis of these assumptions. However, we can only consider short-term bookings to the extent that we have free capacity.