Bakhmaro Catski

7 Nights, 5-6 Ski Days, Dec. 2020 – Mar. 2021

Pioneers of Bakhmaro

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Above the run "Powder MILF", followed by an unforgettable run in the evening sun, Feb. 2017. ©

In 2016 we discovered this abandoned resort and immediatly realised the freeride potential of the surrounding mountains.


In the following summer we founded, bought our first Pistenbully, continued the scouting of possible snowcat tracks to access the freeride slopes, recruted local staff and rented to basic cottages. In the winter of 2016/17 we started our own catski operation.


Now our local team under the mangement of our lead guide Bernd and our lodge manager Barbara continue this magnificent project and you can be a part of it.  Pioneers of Bakhmaro will continue to set standards for quality and safety in Bakhmaro. And Aslan, Tengo and Aslan will continue to prepare the best tracks and bring the groups safely up to the drop-offs. Nobody knows the terrain better than these guys.


Groups will ride the legendary "Japanese Trees" again, the open slopes at Biasura and the beech trees at Maximundo.


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Welcome to Bakhmaro, March 2019. © Alexey

In summer, Bakhmaro is one of the popular tourist resorts in Georgia at around 1,900 meters. Many families from the surrounding area have huts in this high valley. There is even a hotel and a small number of guesthouses. In winter, Bakhmaro was uninhabited and not accessible.


Just 40 km from the Black Sea, Bakhmaro gets a lot ot precipitation all year round but in particular in winter. The treeline is high and the variety of treeruns is pretty unique. Above the treeline wait wide open slopes with Sarkornia [2'755m] as higest point.


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Room in the mountain accommodation in Bakhmaro in the season 2019/20.

For the moment it is not yet sure which house Pioneers of Bakhmaro will rent for next season.


Please expect a basic mountain hut with rooms for 2 to 5 people each. Rooms can be arranged with bunk beds.


Usually the number of bathrooms and toilets is limited. We wil provide again our mobile basic sauna. In Georgia and in Bakhmaro in particular it can always happen that electicity or the water supply fails for some time.


The team around Barbara will do again everything to make the common rooms as comfortable as possible.

Chalet Ched

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The project 2020.
Ched stands for Chedrekili - our most important local mountain, which can be clearly seen from most rooms.

We are building our own chalet in Bakhmaro since the beginning of September. We were able to buy a small piece of land and received the building permit in summer.

The house is designed in an urban style in order to do justice to Bakhmaro's future development. It also creates a nice contrast to our alpine hut in Adjara. During the construction we tried to find a mix of local expertise and modern building materials. The house is made from hemp stones that have stored CO2 and ensuring a healthy living environment.

We will have space in the chalet for exactly one group in 6 small twin rooms with their own bathroom and balcony and thus meet the requirements of the Corona period and future groups. The ground floor has its own kitchen, dining and living area with an open fireplace. In the basement is the sauna with relaxation room.

The surcharge for the twin rooms is € 200,- per person or € 400,- per room.


Georgian food, cupati, Georgian dishes
In Georgia many dishes are served on the table at once and everyone helping themselves.

Georgian cuisine is very well known for its quality and great taste in all of East-Europe. It is quite heavy with meat, fish, vegetables side dishes, bread and cheese.


In the evening, the team of local cooks  prepares typical Georgian dishes including lobio (traditional bean stew in a clay pot), khinkhali (meat dumplings), tolma (stuffed wine or cabbage leaves) and the famous khachapuri (cheese bread).


For breakfast, Pioneers of Bakhmaro serves an extensive breakfast with eggs as omelette or fried eggs, home baked bread, muesli, freash fruits and honey from local beekeepers.


For lunchtime the group takes a lunch package and enjoys the food on the slope to maximize ski time during the day. On bad weather day is always to chance to come back to the lodge for a hot soup or burano (traditional omountain dish from local cheese).


  • Friday/Saturday:
    Pick up at the airport Kutaisi (KUT) & transfer to Bakhmaro.
  • Saturday: Brunch, safety instructions, catskiing or ski-touring in the mountains around Bakhmaro.
  • Sunday to Thursday: Catskiing or ski-touring according to weather and snow conditions.
  • Friday: Departure - Transfer to the airport Kutaisi (KUT) according to the flight departures.



December 2020 - March 2021

Itinerary Pioneers of Bakhmaro 2020/21
Itinerary Bakhmaro 2020.1.pdf
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  • Pick up at Kutaisi airport and Transfer to Bakhmaro and back.
  • 7 nights in a basic mountain lodge in Bakhmaro.
  • Full Board: rich breakfast, packed lunch and Georgian dinner
  • 5-6 days catskiing.
  • experienced English speaking guide.
  • English speaking contact person with local knowledge.

Packing-list and information prior to arrival
Packing-List Bakhmaro 2020.1.pdf
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Chalet Ched


Impressions of our first seasons









5 reason to ride with us

  • Reliability - high levels of snowfall, especially at the beginning of the season.
  • Professionalism - Swiss / German organization, quality and safety management, back-up Snowcat.
  • Experience - a new freeride location in a remote location in the Caucasus.
  • Ease - no visa required, good flight connections with direct flights from London, Milano, Barcelona and other cities.
  • Possibilities - the perfect place for the best photo & video shots, whether with action cam or drone.