On one of the rare powder days at Mt. Dobson, New Zealand in 2003 we spoke about having our own small ski-area and closing it at powder days to shred for ourselves ...

Bakhmaro, Lesser Caucasus
Bakhmaro by night. In the back the lights of Batumi and Kobuleti at the Black Sea. Feb. 2018. ©

... after a long night in a catski lodge in Sibiria in 2014, it was time to realise this project ...

... in the summer 2015 we started our scouting tours in Georgia and in February 2016 we found the remote and abandoned village of Bakhmaro in the Lesser Caucasus...

...we were able to finance a used snowcat through a successful crowdfunding and in December 2016 we went up with a group of Austrian idealists and local villagers to build up our own freeride base in the Lesser Caucasus...

We believe that the real freeride experience can be found in the freedom away from the masses, that it becomes real in sharing it with friends and that it requires a sense of adventure to be obtained.

08/12 - 02/03/2019

Catski Caucasus

Our powder paradise in the Lower Caucasus. With Bakhmaro we have found a snow-sure location with fantastic treeruns and an unique environment.

Now the adventure is going into the next season ...

12/01 - 02/03/2019

Catski Balkan

In the upcoming winter we will try out our new concept:

our PopUpFreerideLodge.

For one winter we will scout unskied lines in a still secret location in the Balkans.


That's another pioneering spirit and a lot of adventure ...

02/03-09/03 & 09/03-16/03/2019

Catski & Tour

In March we do in both our destinations 2 weeks with a combination of 3 days catskiing & 3 days ski-touring.

Depending on the weather and snow conditions, we use the snowcat or g
o a tour - this way you get the best out of each day and experience the remote mountains of the Caucaus or Balkan.

We hope that we will pull through our commitment not only unforgettable lines in deep powder. We are also convinced that the project will contribute to the development of the country. We will create jobs and income for families in the remote mountain region. At the same time we will keep our footprint in nature as low as possible.

Bakhmaro, Catski, Freeride Georgia
One of our freeriders above Bakhmaro. Feb. 2018. ©