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Our Wolf's Bed Hut in Adjara, Feb. 2020. ©

We have been running our Catski Lodge in Bakhmaro since 2016 and have now developed 3 different areas including the Wolf's Bed Hut and the project X.

A high rate of repeaters and many personal recommendations have allowed us to grow into the largest cat ski provider in Europe within a few years.

Size alone is not important, but offers additional security. We can offer a comprehensive back-up and, in case of need, mobilize manpower that not everyone has. Last but not least, the high demand is also a positive testimony to our tireless work...

... a lodge, loads of fresh snow and only a handful of freeriders ...

With a manageable group of partners, we formed a community that developed and co-financed the project. In two crowdfunding rounds in spring 2017 and spring 2018, we successfully organized the financing of the first snowcats. Now we stand on solid ground and increase the quality and safety standards year after year.

Our Locations

Swiss Catski, Catskiing Switzerland

our own mountain hut...


In Adjara we have converted an alpine hut into a remote base for a catskiing or ski-touring group - the Wolf's Bed Hut. The slopes up there have big mountain potential.

Remote means hut life, some adventure but also patience for good weather. Snow is definitely guaranteed...

Best Catskiing in Europe

where it began...


We discovered Bakhmaro on one of our scouting tours in 2015/16 and immediately recognized its potential as a freeride destination.

With The PIONEERS we run our own small hotel - the only hotel in town and since 2023/24 also a guest house - the Bakhmaro Base.

more exploring...

project X

With project X we're going back to our roots and offering a basic cabin in a remote area with above average amounts of snow.

The fully-fledged freeride area offers wide, open slopes and great tree runs. The hut is simple and the driveway adventurous. An area for experienced purists.

We believe that through our commitment we not only leave unforgettable lines in the deepest powder. We are also convinced that the project will contribute to the development of the region. We create jobs and income for families in these remote mountain regions and, as far as possible, source fresh food for our lodges from local small producers. Our best-practice example is already catching on and we are eagerly copied.

Bakhmaro, then abandoned in winter, at dusk, 15/02/2016.
Bakhmaro, then abandoned in winter, at dusk, 15/02/2016.

Our Motivation

  • Adventure - back to the roots - freeriding in remote mountainous regions.
  • Freedom - no crowding, no stress, no prohibitions - only untracked lines.
  • Friendship - friends on powder days - share this unique experience with a community of freeriders.

We believe that the real freeride experience can be found in the freedom away from the masses, that it becomes real in sharing it with friends and that it requires a sense of adventure to be obtained.