Snow Report


Snow- & Weather report

Another week with fresh snow, sun and a bit of wind!

Snowstorms on the day of arrival are not necessarily one of our favorite weather conditions. The group at project That's just the price of a very remote area. But there are no free riders (yet) even in the high season.

Afterwards there were perfect conditions. On Sunday the snow was super deep, but by Monday it had settled and the snow became faster. It was really cold at night all week and stayed quite cool during the day. The sun stayed with us until Friday.

The prospect of next week is, shall we say, interesting. On Monday and especially Tuesday it will certainly be problematic with the amount of snow and the wind speed.

Snow Data

  • Snow depth Bakhmaro: 250 cm
  • Amount of fresh snow Adjara: 350 cm
  • Last snowfall: 28/01/2024
  • Amount of fresh snow: 50 cm
  • Low temperature: -16 C°
  • Maximum temperature: -5 C°

Freeride & Tour

Another week that offered everything a freeride trip can offer. Snowstorm on arrival and safe freeriding in the beech forest, sunny days on the Shridila Pass and stable conditions for the steeper rocky slopes on Sarkornia
A private group that had also booked a few days of ski touring was on Lashisperdi - the only mountain that we don't go to with the Cat.

At the beginning of February we have “Mountain Festival” - the first half of the season is behind us and so far there have been nothing but fantastic conditions in Georgia.

Tips & Infos

Skis & Boards

We recommend a width of at least 100mm for skis. In Adjara (Wolf's Bed Hut), skins are mandatory. Actually in our Project X too, but experience shows that not everyone has skins with them. Skins are not necessary in Bakhmaro, but of course we always recommend skins for a freeride ski - short climbs expand the radius and increase flexibility.

For boarders we also recommend splitboards (requirement for Adjara and Project X). We also have a few splitboards on site - to rent on individual days and as a back-up if something breaks. We also have some snowshoes on site.

During the season we send out a link to this snow report every week to inform you as a freerider about the snow conditions and the course of the season, to give tips for your tour and to introduce the team. Of course we also want to increase the anticipation. If you no longer wish to receive the link, you can unsubscribe from the snow report at any time. With the end of the season we also stop the weekly snow report.