Snow Report


Snow- & Weather report

We started the week with really good conditions, but then the wind came. After a night and a day of strong, almost gale-force winds from the southeast, the loose snow had been blown away or flattened.

Sunny days certainly ensured good snow conditions. But unfortunately no more fresh snow fell. A rare week in which we were happy about warmer temperatures.

Snow Data

  • Snow depth Bakhmaro: 200 cm
  • Snow depth Adjara: 300 cm
  • Last snowfall: 23/02/2023
  • Amount of fresh snow: 5 cm
  • Low temperature: -5 C°
  • Maximum temperature: 6 C°

Freeride & Tour

Powder on Sunday and then hardpack, breaking crust and firn. Last week didn't really live up to our name. However, the stable conditions allowed steep lines in the rocks and smoothruns on southern slopes.

The groups in Bakhmaro have opened up a new catrack and have reached the access road to the hydroelectric power station that will be built in the next few years. There in the forest the snow was not affected by the wind, but in the lower parts the snow became heavy.

Tips & Infos

Beech Club

We are planning another project. We can't say yet whether it will be possible this summer, but as always we will do everything we can to make new lines possible on slopes covered in deep snow.

Unfortunately, the biggest challenge is not finding the best slopes, but rather establishing enough obstacles for these free loaders to be able to operate in the newly developed area at least for  a few years before it gets overcrowded.


It is  a lot of work to open a new area.

During the season we send out a link to this snow report every week to inform you as a freerider about the snow conditions and the course of the season, to give tips for your tour and to introduce the team. Of course we also want to increase the anticipation. If you no longer wish to receive the link, you can unsubscribe from the snow report at any time. With the end of the season we also stop the weekly snow report.