Project is a concept created by freeriders for freeriders. Freeriding is not only a trend, but a way of life. We want to support that by taking adventurous skiers into some of the most remote places in the world. We provide them with an entire infrastructure, including mountain access, lodge accommodation, world-class food, and airport transfers. Naturally, the capacity is limited, and it guarantees an exclusive and intimate experience for all guests. When with Powder Project, one feels a part of a big family.


Our first stop on the freeride circuit has been in Bakhmaro, Georgia, and we are not sure we ever want to leave this magical place. We found this gem in the Lesser Caucasus, where the climate is perfect because of a low-pressure system that comes off the Black Sea, dropping large amounts of snow in this exact area. Here, we have been absolute pioneers and do our part to offer more for the local economy in and around this remote mountainous region. Since our concept appeals to a clearly defined target group, it does not compete with existing ski resorts in Georgia. Instead, it is an extension and enrichment to what Georgian tourism has to offer.

The essential feature of the overall concept is the basic idea of involving freeriders as much as possible. Funding is exceptionally important because we want to develop and finance any area together with freeriders. It is a unique, global opportunity for freeriders to participate as a partner in the development of a freeride ski area. Thus, we have done some crowdfunding in the spring of 2017, which led us to an incredibly successful winter season in Bakhmaro in 2017/2018, benefiting partners, freeriders, and locals.


We are looking forward to many more seasons full of powder…