Ski-tour/Splitboard, Dec. 2022 – Mar. 2023

From a rescue bus to a bivouac bus

Biwakbus, Caucasus, Catskiing, Ski-tour, bivouac, Splittboard
Blue light and Soviet badges, Sept. 2020.

In September 2020 we won the auction for this bus. Until then it was an rescue bus in the mining town of Chiatura, which was famous for its many cable cars.

By winter we want to convert the bus into a bivouac with 6 simple loungers, a kitchenette and a seating area. Then we drive the bus into the mountains of Adjara for the winter and let it snow in there. Next year we will bring the bivouac bus to another location.


Skitouring, Splitboarding, bivouac, Caucasus, Biwakbus
The bus stands in a nice place in the mountains of the Lesser Caucasus, Jan. 2021.

About half a day's tour from Bakhmaro, we will position the bus at a point with fresh water for the next winter.

Outside there will be a toilet hut with a simple toilet.

We will equip the groups with a satellite phone for emergencies and are otherwise on their own. Single days / nights or several days in a row are possible. Optionally, a ski guide can also be booked for the tour. The tour can only take place in stable weather conditions. Our team in Bakhmaro is ready for emergencies.


Skitour, Adjara, splitboard bivouac
The interior will be finished in the next few weeks..
There are 6 simple loungers with warm woolen blankets on the bus. Freeriders must bring their own winter sleeping bags.

There is an oven for intermittent heating. Firewood is stored on site.

Outside there is water for washing and a simple toilet.

The group will do the cleaning before departure. Since the bivouac is remote in a high valley, we can only check the bus a few times per season.


The "Bivouac bus" offers pure backcountry life as a simple bivouac. No comfort, no convenience - just adventure!


You need to be independed in organising the bivouac, cooking but also touring.

Since the bus can only be reached with skins, a good level of fitness is required. The remote location is not forgiving of mistakes, so extensive experience and skills in every type of snow are essential.


Georgian food, bivouac, ski-tour
Self-catering is the order of the day!

The groups are responsible for their own food. Durable food is stored on site. We provide fresh food in Bakhmaro, but the group has to take it to the bivouac bus and the group have to cook for themselves.

There is a simple gas stove and the small wood oven for cooking. All necessary cooking utensils are on site.


  • Getting there: brief introduction to the path and the bivouac in Bakhmaro; half day tour to the bus.
  • Freetouring days: independent organization
  • Departure: cleaning, half day tour back to Bakhmaro


per person & night

Itinerary Biwakbus 2021/22
Itinerary Biwakbus 2021.1.pdf
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  • Instruction in German or English
  • Overnight in the bivouac.
  • Partial catering: Dry food is stored on site. Fresh food is provided in Bakhmaro.
  • Safety: satellite phone and rescue back-up in Bakhmaro

Packing-list and information prior to arrival
Packing-List Biwakbus 2020.1.pdf
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Impressions will follow during the season

5 reason to ride with us

  • Exploration - it will be the first season in the new bivouac.
  • Savety - German / Swiss team is available as a backup.
  • Experience - pure mountain experience.
  • Adventure - a bivouac in the Caucasus.
  • Friendship - a place for for good friends.