In Georgia we operate three PB300W Polar for our groups and there is always one back-up machine ready to go. In our first season in Macedonia we have one PB300W. As back-up we have a snowcat in a resort close by.


Each snowcat has got a cabin for up to 12 freeriders. The cabins have been custom made for us according to our plans to match our high quality and safety standards. In Macedonia we use the same custom build cabin for 12 freeriders.


Our local drivers are professional tractor drivers with years of experience with working in snow. They know the area, the mountains and all the tracks from summer. They grew up in this mountains. For driving the Pistenbullys they have been trained by Austrian experts.



Scouting Season

Pioneer Season

BlindBird Season

Our Motivation

  • Adventure - back to the roots - freeriding in remote mountainous regions.
  • Freedom - no crowding, no stress, no prohibitions - only untracked lines.
  • Friendship - friends on powder days - share this unique experience with a community of freeriders.

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