Catski Balkan

7 Nights, 5-6 Skidays, Jan 2019 - March 2019


We will do a new project this winter! On our scouting tours we found a location with promising slopes, an unused hunting hut, we can rent and local partners who will support our project. For sure someone has been ski-touring there before, but nobody tried catskiing in this remote high-valley. A Pistenbully with a cabin for 12 freeriders is already ordered.


The new spot is in Macedonia but the exact location is still top secret. You know that we have serious problems with some jerks following our tracks in Georgia. And in our new location we want to be the only group of freeriders – at least for the first season…


For two seasons now we operate our catski lodge in the Caucasus. We collected further experience and learnd a lot of lessons about living in a remote valley and organising all the technical equipment and machinery.


For the Balkan we decided again for Pistenbully as these snowcats are the machines of highest reliability. As we expect not as much snow as in the Caucasus we chose a PB300W and we also ordered our custom made cabine of high quality and safety standard, we already use in Bakhmaro.


The driver has previous experience driving Pistenbullys and is coming over to Georgia for some more training in December.

Mountain Hut

On one of our scouting trips in the summer we found a hunting hut which we can rent for the winter. In addition our local partners are building a basic wood building to accommodate our group. The hut is not exactly where we want to establish our base in the future but for now it is a comfortable location, easy to get to and with a great view.


The hut is cosy and will be warm with good stoves and newly build bathroom. However, it is a pioneer location - basic facilities in a remote wilderness...


As allways we focus on good food. In the evening a local cook will provide traditional dishes from the region. We also plan a BBQ. Macedonia is famous for its wine - another similarity to Georgia. We will have some good local wine up in the hut. For breakfast we go more international and for lunch we take luchpakets with us, not to loose precious riding time.

Our partner for our new project in Macedonia are the mountain guides of Sharoutdoors. As a local outdoor agency they have years of experience in the mountains around our new area and as catski guides. Furthermore, Vitus, Metodi, Mihail and Daniel know the key contact persons on site. Without them such a project would be unthinkable.

In addition to our joint project, they are also the right contact for ski tours on the entire Balkan Peninsula and summer tours.


  • Saturday: Pick-up at the airport Skopje (SKP) & transfer to our base (around 3 hours).
  • 1st Freeride day: brunch, safety-meeting, start around lunchtime.
  • 2nd till 6th Freeride day: catskiing in the mountains around our hut.
  • Departure: after breakfast we start our way back to the airport.
  • Last night in Skopje: Skopje is an interesting city to spend a friday night after a week in a remote mountain hut - an alternative for the last night.

price 1'950,-€

January - March 2019

Itinerary Balkan 2019
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  • Pick-up at the airport and transfer to our base camp
  • 5-7 accommodations in a basic mountain hut.
  • full board: breackfast, simple lunch packages and a dinner of local dishes.
  • depending the situation up to 2 nights in an accomodation on our way.
  • 5-6 days catskiing.
  • Local ski guide (English)
  • English speaking contact with knowledge about the area.

Packing-list and information prior to arrival
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5 reason to ride with us

  • Reliability - high levels of snowfall, especially at the beginning of the season.
  • Professionalism - German / Swiss organization, quality and safety management, BackUp Snowcat.
  • Experience - a new freeride location in a remote location in the Caucasus.
  • Ease - no visa required, good flight connections with direct flights from London, Milano, Barcelona and other cities.
  • Possibilities - the perfect place for the best photo & video shots, whether with action cam or selfie drone.